Sunday, February 7, 2010


 There are times in your life when you start to forget who you are, times when you go out and have a beer with a friend in the middle of the day for absolutely no reason, times when a friend won't answer the phone because you have failed him or her in some way, times when a friend's life changes radically, times when you can't remember who and what matters to you...I fail people , it's in my nature...I wish I could be happy for the joyful ones, close to those who are distant, supportive for those who are weary...I'm a mess, always late, always regretful , always absent, always irrelevant...please forgive my wrong steps and the words I never said, the smiles I never meant, the tears I never cried, the thoughts I never had...I'm never where I am supposed to be, always complaining about my superficial problems, always wrong, never a good friend...I'm sorry for passing through your lives without leaving a smile on your lips, my friends. I love each one of you, but I never seem to know how to show it properly ...


  1. omg I'm in here ! 0.o
    mede, I couldn't have said it better myself, it's like exactly what i feel, the whole part of it... i know what you feel..we always had a strong connection, even when we are apart ;)
    but if it makes you feel any better you always made me feel better and you always knew what to say and you're one of those persons that i won't forget...ever. i'm serious.
    and we MUST have a beer or something dar...peste o saptamana:D dupa sesiune :D
    p.s. da, dodo chiar arata ca o diva in poza aia :D ai dreptate :)) am un caine diva.. "diva-dog"
    sounds great!

  2. it starts and it ends with a kiss...:)
    this is incredible, but you never failed me.
    and even when you will, i won't care..i'm your youngest version, remember?
    i know it all, and i love you for all of it, because you are Medeea(go look on my blog if you forgot what that means)...
    and trust me.. there will be times when you will have to forgive me for failing you...
    but i will always love you.

  3. mergem bella la bere, bineinteles :)) ca in grija ta imi las yo ficatu' later on :D and thank you both , i could squeeze the life out of you with a hug right now :P

  4. We love you back, girl! Remember that. Nosebleeds and all...